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  • Nah sorry but when people are ranting they are worried about their purchase and wishing they hadn't gone through with it, and you point out that they can cancel the order if they're that worried only for it to be deleted and I get told not to provoke people, so as not to upset them or make life difficult for the mods (looking at you Rakk), or you get others that are utterly belligerent to the point of being banned but are then told "actually I can see your point of view so lets unban you" (just two of many recent examples) I see no point in being here other than to read. I am not going to waste my time to have it ripped out because it's more important to make a sale (even to someone who will inevitably be a problem customer) or "keep the peace" with an utter troll and moron. My time's too valuable to waste.
    I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling this way. No one wants the trolls to win, we are just trying to ensure everyone is playing nice (trolls included!!), but we're only human after all. I hope you can reconsider and continue to contribute.
    I'm done here. I will take pretty much no further part in the discussions. The trolls are winning and some moderators prefer to roll over to them than stand by long term contributors. So...read only mode for me now.
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